Anyone can run and there’s a good deal of work involved in running.

We run the mountains. We go to competitions. We make kilometres, treading on stones and forest trails. We figured that there must be many people just like us. This is why we integrate the environment. We prove that running is a team sport.

We are searching for people who would like to help organize one of the most interesting mountain competitions in Poland. The task doesn’t demand specific skills – everybody will find something for themselves. If you like having contact with smiling people – you will sit in the competition office; or you may prefer lonely hikes through forest trails? – in that case you will mark out the route. If you have come to Sobieszów to do a strength training, we will give you this possibility – there are thousands of litres of water packed in 5 l bottles, all waiting for you!

What we want from you is dedication, engagement, and positive attitude. You can demand all this from us as well. Think about your voluntary service, set yourself goals – and we will help you fulfil them. Certainly we guarantee boarding provision, common accommodation with the other volunteers, insurance, and a special pack of gadgets from the event. It’s worth it!